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Ryan is an accomplished Director of Photography and Video Production Specialist based in Chicago with nearly two decades of professional experience. His expertise spans a diverse range of visual storytelling and media management projects, serving clients in education, corporate, government agencies, small businesses, motion picture productions, and music videos.

Notable clients in Ryan's portfolio include prestigious institutions such as Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, Ashland University, along with established brands like Sarpino's Pizzeria and the Chicago Fire Department. He has also contributed to heartwarming initiatives like Make-a-Wish.

Ryan's recent role as Director of Photography and Co-Creator for the 'Conrad' pilot underscores his creative leadership in the industry. Subsequently, he co-founded Lakefront Pictures, LLC, in partnership with producer and co-creator Jennifer Karum, to further enhance their production capabilities, ensuring ongoing success when the 'Conrad' Series is acquired by a network. In addition to his cinematographic skills, Ryan has post-produced all projects at Lakefront Pictures since its inception.

Ryan's cinematography philosophy is straightforward: to craft an indelible, audience-connecting visual experience that enhances storytelling.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ryan indulges in hobbies encompassing photography and computers.

Based in Chicago


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